DWTX Council 2017: Live Blog

Saturday 2/25


ITS OVER, ITS FINALLY OVER. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson has been ellected Bishop Suffragan for the Diocese of West Texas. What a wonderful council. This meeting is full of wonderful stories of Jesus workingin and through His body. Until next year, DWTX out.


We are onto our 6th ballot. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson won the major of clegry while Lisa Mason won the major of the layity. The mood in the room is every single emotion imaginable, we might have a breakdown or two if this keeps up.


Third ballot is in and some front runners have emerged, but no new bishop yet. This is starting to feel like that 3 hour night class that the teacher makes you stay in the entire time.


Second ballot and not much has changed. The tension and excitment is palpable.


First round of voting is in and it is all pretty even. We might be here awhile. The flip side is that you have more time to buy a Bishop Lillibridge bobblehead at the college missions booth!


Super important morning in the life of our church. At 9:00 we start the election process for our new suffrigan bishop. In order to become suffrigan bishop the nominee has to win a majority of the clergy votes, majority of the delegates votes, and know what the word suffrigan means. One of the important things to remember is that all of the nominees are serving the diocese by submitting to the election process. The process goes all the way back to the beginning of Acts when the early church replaced Judas as a disciple. Our process has less lot casting but does have some similarities.

Friday 2/24


SURPRISE! Bishop Lillibridge bobble heads! Get yours outside the dinner hall or at the Vital booth tomorrow morning. Procedes go to Magdalena House and College missions.


The roast of Bishop Gary Lillibridge has begun! Best jokes so far:
After church a little boy came up to Bishop Lillibridge and gave him $2. He replied “Thanks but why are you giving it to me?” The boy said “well my daddy said you’re the poorest preacher we’ve ever had!”

I’m often asked who is the best bishop in the Diocese of West Texas, and I always reply “You are Gary.”


The dinner is in full swing. Beautiful decorations, fun mariachi, and delicious Mexican food. Who says Council isn’t fun?


Every year at council there is an exhibit hall full of all beautiful things to by, helpful resources for the church, and great ministries around DWTX and beyond. One of these booths houses The Order of Naucratius, a hunting ministry that started in the Valley and has grown out to the whole diocese. Not only do they take all kinds of people hunting but donate the meet to local homeless shelters, food banks, and anybody in need. God is doing amazing things in South Centeal Texas through his Church!


Corpus Christi is not only the home of Council 2017 but is also home of some beautiful views. The Omni on the Corpus Christi Bay is the main hotel all these crazy Episcopalians are staying with beautiful views of the water and lighted bridge. The Vital crew had dinner at another Corpus gem, Whataburger by the Bay. Nothing says Council like a stiff sea breeze, views of sailboats crusing in the bay, and Texas best restaurant. We are excited for the Bishop’s farewell dinner later tonight. Check back soon for highlights!


Where is everyone? Oh that right, it’s lunch break! Bishop Lillibridge is giving a thank you talk during the luncheon, check the DWTX website later for a recording.


Bishop Reed’s adress is about to start. The council hall is filling up and we are gearing up for aome live tweets from Greg. Follow along @outpostings. Check back here for best of tweets after the address.

Thursday 2/23


One of the cool parts of Council is getting to meet the parents of our students. Check out this pic of Ollie, our intern at UIWvisiting with Mrs. Bacon, the Mom of one of our students at UIW! Council had been a blast so far, and we are only one day in. Next up: B Dubs!!


Check out these exclusive behind the scenes pictures. You see the bishop’s style and hear the golf jokes, but this is what actually going on.

Greg Richards is giving a awesome talk about how Vital Missions impacts college student’s lives both in the church and outside of it through conversations about Jesus. There are 300,000 college students in DWTX and we can’t wait to share the good news of Jesus with them.


The cookie table is already the happening spot at Council. Good thing it’s right next to Vital College Missions booth, come say hi!


The rest of the Vital Crew has arrived. We are having our pre council lunch and getting excited to see everybody. The booths look great and we have already seen a bunch of our friends, bring it on Council 2017!

Wednesday 2/22

9:00pm from Allie Melancon

It’s the end of the first unofficial night of council. I am in Corpus with part of our team to set up the booth and prepare for council; the rest of the team is in San Antonio and San Marcos. We have a on-campus program tonight; in fact as I write this The Bridge at St. Mary’s University has not even begun. As I reflect on the day from my hotel room, I am reminded that I am surrounded by a great team and a great church. We go along with crazy and don’t ask many questions, working together to problem solve and setting up our booth up in record time.

Of course after this we needed a coffee break and when we retuned to the American Bank Center to bring Santos (aka the man! Make sure you say hi and meet him this week!) a drink we stumbled upon people unloading boxes for their booths. As I returned the car with the rest of team I found Katie assisting a women backing up her car to unload. I got in our car and when Katie got in she said, “her car is full of stuff, we should help her unload?” “So you want to help her?” I replied. And without skipping a beat all five of us opened the doors to our compact car and filled out to help an unknown woman. We soon found out she was in with the Twig Book Store. Books! Lots of books! (If you like books, a stop at the Twig booth is a must) In two trips we were done and pilling back into the car to check-in to the hotel.

It is these moments that I love most about our team; their willingness to serve when it’s inconvenient, on a whim, and when we were loaded up ready to head home. I shouldn’t be surprised of them, because this is how they treat their work on campus when no one is looking, when council is not in session, and when they are on their own. These are the servant hearts of those that love on our college students. Tirelessly they stay connected, pray for and guide our young people. As we hung photos of our students in our booth today, I was reminded of each of their stories, the transformation, and the mony hours that our team has served them. I am sure many of the times it was inconvenient. What better way to start a gathering of the Church than to see the Church so clearly in action. See you all soon!


The Vital University Missions crew is pumped for DWTX Council 2017! Half of us are already sitting on the beac… I mean setting up our awesome booth at the American Bank Center. Stop by and say hi to us, we will have a couple of episcopal surprises. More updates to come!