Meet an Intern: David McDonald

IMG_0002 McDonald. David McDonald.
I’ve always wanted to introduce myself as my childhood (and current day) hero 007 would do, but was just waiting for the right platform. I think I can finally check it off the bucket list! For those who don’t know me, I am a native San Antonian who just recently joined this year’s team of Elisha interns! I am so excited for the upcoming adventures, challenges, and growth that will encompass my life for the next 10 months, as I step out of one community and dive right into the deep end of another.

Born in Ireland to an Irish father and a Texan mother, I spent the first 7 years of my life roaming the shop floors of my family’s clothing stores and dribbling soccer balls up and down our neighborhood pitch for hours at a time. To me there was nothing better, but in November 1998 my parents decided that a 6 month stay in San Antonio to see my mom’s parents and give my dad needed rest from work, would turn into a permanent move that I am ever grateful for. Ireland is home for me just as much, if not more than San Antonio, but the opportunities granted to our family in America were far beyond those that awaited our return in Ireland. These opportunities took the form of organized sports, summer camps, and education from The University of Texas, to name a few!

This past summer I spent pursuing my passion for coaching soccer and camp ministry at T Bar M Sports Camp in New Braunfels, TX. IMG_0027


It was a whole new experience compared to Camp Capers, where I grew up going each summer, and I loved every minute of it. Very little growth is ever achieved within our comfort zone and T Bar M continually challenged me in biblical, theological, and principal ways that pulled me outside of that zone. Week by week the Lord stretched me with each new cabin and each week’s new dynamics. 13 weeks outside of the areas you’re used to will expand you spiritually, emotionally and even physically (6AM-11PM every day!). As the summer was approaching its end, I began to grasp that I was coming into an open season in my life. I pondered the options of school, coaching, and even ministry. It was at this point that I had a vivid flashback to attending The Fire, UIW’s ministry, that I gave Greg Richards a call about being a part of the ELI program!


For the coming year I will be plugged in at The Road serving the students of UTSA! This is exciting for me personally, because I graduated from Churchill HS and know the people and the area well. I look forward to the opportunity that my teammates, Michael and Peyton, and I have to grow a ministry on campus that hopefully gives an alternative for students, that fits their community and spiritual needs as young adults! Along with working at UTSA, I will be taking on the role as Grace Church’s Youth Minister. The range of age and experience that I’ll minister to this semester is a huge source of my excitement!

Jumping from a summer camp community straight into a mission community with less than 12 hours in between has felt like life in the deep end for the past two weeks, but its been great to have a proverbial life jacket provided by those around me to help keep me afloat! As an ELI team, we’ve hit the ground running and I know that God will work through us long and hard this year, all we have to do is GO!